Solid Oak Sample 24mm


Piece of solid oak cut to approximately 21cm x 15cm (around A5 size). The oak is premium (minimal knots), full stave 24mm thick. Available in three hardwax oil finishes.

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Please note, current average time for this item to be made and delivered is around 3-4 working days.

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When choosing a new item of furniture, lots of people find it helpful to have a sample of the actual material. As well as enabling you to feel the quality of the oak, the sample will be sent in the finish colour you select so you can see how it looks in your space.

There are three colour finishes to choose from – clear, dark and warm tint. You can order whichever you want.

Please note there is a discretionary limit to how many samples of each colour we will send to each customer as this is a price discounted product. If anyone places what we consider an excessive order of samples (or a quantity we are unable to fulfil due to supply of suitable material) the order will be cancelled.



Solid oak


21cm (approximately)


15cm (approximately)


Hardwax oil