Customers from businesses of all descriptions can benefit from substantial discounts when ordering our furniture in volume.

Cafes and restaurants

If you are fitting out a cafe/coffee shop or restaurant and need multiple tables or table tops, you are welcome to contact us to discuss a discounted price.

Solid oak table tops can be ordered in a wide range of sizes to fit your precise requirements. Standard 60 x 60cm tops are available in sets of five (as many as needed). If you require more, but a number that is not in multiple of five, let us know and we will apply the same per-item cost.

60x60cm table tops – order in multiples of 5

Solid oak tabletops – wide size range

Round solid oak tabletops – 40cm-110cm

Custom orders – including cafe/restaurant projects

TV and film production

Production companies often require tables and tabletops in custom shapes, sizes and materials for TV and film sets. We have experience in this area, having made custom table tops for a leading US Netflix drama series being filmed in the UK, and we are always pleased to work in this interesting, dynamic industry.

Please make an enquiry to discuss the furniture needed for your TV/film project.


If you are a retailer interested in selling our existing furniture or commissioning a new piece/entire range then please get in touch. We would be pleased to explore partnership opportunities with retailers.