Finish Colour Swatch 1mm


Swatches 1mm thick showing available hardwax oil colours, cut to approximately 10cm x 10cm.

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Please note, current average time for this item to be made and delivered is around 3-4 working days.

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Even though our furniture is made from solid oak, these swatches are a veneer around 1mm thick as this allows us to show the correct colour while keeping postage costs down.

Despite its thinness, the veneer is real oak and provides an accurate representation of the colours as they look on solid wood.

There are three colour finishes to choose from – clear, dark and warm tint.

Please note there is a discretionary limit to how many swatches of each colour we will send to each customer as this is a price discounted product. If anyone places what we consider an excessive order of swatches (or a quantity we are unable to fulfil due to supply of suitable material) the order will be cancelled.



Real oak veneer


10cm (approximately)


10cm (approximately)


Hardwax oil