Wing 200 Dining Table


Solid oak top, premium (minimal knots) full stave 24mm thick. Tapered, angled, inset oak legs. Height 74cm. Various lengths and widths available.


Enter size between 100cm and 190cm


Enter size between 50cm and 90cm

Edge profile*

Gallery shows rounded - images of bevelled and square eased coming soon

Hardwax oil finish

Main image gallery shows clear finish unless stated otherwise.

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Please note, current average time for this item to be made and delivered is around 3 weeks.

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Wing 200 is a mid-century modern inspired design, with legs that are both angled and tapered. The legs are similar to ATO but differ in that they are angled and positioned further in from the ends. This design, with the protuding ends, gives the table its name.

There are a wide variety of size options, available in 1cm increments to help you get the perfect fitting table for your space.

If you have any questions about this table, please make an enquiry.



Solid American/European oak




Various options


Various options


Hardwax oil