How should your furniture be cleaned?

As with all wood that has been finished in an oil or varnish, the best way to clean our furniture is with a mild detergent.

An easily available detergent is simply soapy water or a gentle spray that refers to, for example, removing ‘grease and grime’ but that has no mention of anti-bacterial or disinfectant properties.

Cleaning occasionally with a standard (not overly powerful) anti-bacterial or disinfectant cleaner may not cause any significant damage. However, any regular use of that type of product will most likely degrade the finish to the point that it stops working and the surface will be prone to stains from food and drink spills. This is especially the case in commercial settings where table surfaces are being cleaned several times per day.

There are some sprays that have come onto the market in recent years that are designed to be gentle on wood finishes while offering anti-bacterial properties, but be prepared to spend more on those than you would a normal detergent cleaner.

The finish we usually use on our tables and table tops is hardwax oil. Customers looking for specific product brand name recommendations for cleaning our tables with are welcome to get in touch.