How will my order be delivered?

The method of delivery depends on the size of the order and your location.

If you are in a London postcode or the surrounding areas, we are most likely to deliver tables and table tops by van courier. The cost can be similar to posting and it is more convenient for all parties when arranging collection accurate delivery times.

Tables and tabletops outside of London and the surrounding areas will also be delivered by van courier usually, unless they are under around 150cm long, in which case we may choose to send by post (typically Parcelforce or UPS). In this case, the table top and legs will most likely be posted as separate parcels and may not arrive at the same time.

Smaller items like stools, breadboards or monitor stands will most likely be posted, wherever the customer is located.

For ready-made products, the delivery cost is calculated at checkout, and for custom orders we can explain your options and agree it in advance.

If you have any questions about deliveries, please get in touch.