Poster 54 Bench


Solid oak top, premium (minimal knots) full stave 24mm thick.  Four solid oak legs 54mm wide,  Height 44cm. Various lengths and widths available.


Enter size between 25cm and 45cm


Enter size between 50cm and 190cm

Hardwax oil finish*

Main image gallery shows clear finish unless stated otherwise.

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The Poster 54 bench is a classic design with a simple form that will complement any of our wooden tables.

The top edge is rounded over for both comfort and style.

The four posts – from which it gets its name – are mortised into the top with screws hidden by wooden plugs from above to add strength. If you look closely you can see the plugs in the top which are solid oak and a very close match to main surface.

Unlike our flat packed tables, this bench is a pre-assembled, fixed construction item.

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Solid European oak




Various options


Various options


Hardwax oil