Monitor riser


Solid oak full stave, 24mm thick. Length 55cm x width (depth) 25cm x height 10cm. For bespoke sizes please get in touch about a custom order.

Hardwax oil finish*

Main image gallery shows clear finish unless stated otherwise.

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Please note, current average time for this item to be made and delivered is around 2 weeks.

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Monitor risers are a popular option postioning a computer screen at a height that is comforable for viewing.

The size of this monitor stand was chosen to be wide enough to accommodate the majority of screens, while taking up minimal space on a desk top. The height of 10cm means that there is a clearance gap underneath of around 7.5cm which can be used to store stationery or a keyboard when not in use.

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Solid oak (European or American white)








Hardwax oil