Serving Board


Solid oak board, premium (minimal knots) full stave 24mm thick. Groove around the edge designed to catch crumbs and liquids. Ideal for serving bread, meat, cheese, antipasti and so on (not recommend for chopping). Finished in food safe mineral oil.


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The serving board is designed to be a handy accessory for our tables and was inspired by a custom order we received from a restaurant. They asked for a groove close to the edge to stop any liquid dripping out, and we thought it made an attractive design feature, so have applied it to make an all-purpose food board.

Unlike almost all of our products which use hardwax oil, the finish on these serving boards is a food safe mineral oil, which is widely recommended as one of the safest options when there is direct contact with food.

The simple and practical design means they are multi-purpose and can be used equally well as general serving platters, charcuterie boards, cheese boards or trays for carrying food and drinks to a table. We suggest that you do not use them for chopping as once you have cut lines in them the oil will be compromised and they are harder to keep clean and hygienic.

To keep them in good condition, serving boards should be cleaned with gentle detergent (i.e. soapy water) and never soaked or put in a dishwasher. We also advise that a food safe mineral oil (easily available online) should be applied every few months or sooner if the finish feels starts to feel coarse or dry.

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Solid oak (European or American white)






Tung oil