What size tables and table tops do you make?

We make tables and table tops in a very wide range of sizes, depending on the item. Products that make up our ready-to-buy collection are available with minimum and maximum lengths and widths and at one centimetre increments in-between.

To see what sizes these items come in you can visit the Shop page and choose one you are interested to see the minimum and maximum options.

If you are looking for a size outside of that but like the design of a ready-to-buy product, you can contact us about a custom order.

The sizes available with custom orders are much more flexible than the ready-to-buy products, but there are some practical limits to consider.

Minimum and maximum widths

Depending on the leg style it is unlikely we would be able to make a table narrower than around 35 centimetres as the legs need a certain amount of space on the underside for mounting blocks/plates. If the order is for a table top only (i.e. no legs are included) we can make it as narrow as required.

Maximum widths are limited by our capacity to clamp up joined pieces of wood and that is currently around 115cm.

Minimum and maximum lengths

The minimum table or tabletop length would be the same as the minimum width (around 35cm), as for practical wood stability reasons it side the wood grain runs in should not be shorter than it is wide. Find out more in the grain direction FAQ.

The maximum length of the table or table top is to some extent limited to the material available at the time and our workshop space capacity, which is currently allows for tables up to around 280cm.

Minimum and maximum table heights

With ready-to-buy tables, the height is fixed by the legs which are made in advance of the tops, which are cut to size when the order is received.

There is no minimum height as such for custom orders although anything below 20cm would possibly no longer be considered a table and resemble more of a foot rest.

The maximum height of a table we would make is around 100cm, but at that height it would be necessary to make it wide enough to offer adequate stability and also we would need to consider the relative weight top and legs. In some cases it may involve the making of a prototype.

To ask us about a custom size table, you can get in touch.