What colours are your tables and table tops available in?

The default colour we offer isn’t a colour at all, it is simply a clear hardwax oil that brings out the natural tone of the wood by enriching it.

As the hardwax oil is absorbed into the wood fibres, the appearance darkens slightly and, in the case of oak, develops a slightly light golden tint. The actual final colour depends partly on the material – for example how tight the grain is and therefore how much oil can soak in – and also on how much oil is applied. The more oil, the deeper the tone.

The slight tone differences in the examples below are also because of the varying lighting conditions in the rooms when the pictures were taken.

As well as clear, we offer two other finishes as standard, which we call warm tint and dark tint. The warm finish creates a light orange/brown tone and the dark tone is a deep brown shade.

Clear hardwax oil on European oak

Warm tint hardwax oil on European oak

Dark tint hardwax oil on European oak

If you are interested in a different colour or finish than our standard hardwax oils, please get in touch to discuss what you are looking for and placing a custom order.