Repairing split Ercol Corso dining table

A new Ercol Corso dining table sold by an online retailer had arrived to the customer with a large split running almost its entire length.

The solid walnut top appeared to have been damaged during transportation but as it had been on special offer they decided to repair it rather than return.

The table had a split running almost full length

After temporarily widening the split with wedges we were able insert glue and then clamp the top tight while it set. Additional clamps with downward pressure were used to ensure two sides were in alignment.

Clamping up after glue was inserted

After the clamps removed it was necessary to sand the top to remove glue residue and a dark stain hardwax oil was applied.

Close up of the repaired table
Repaired Ercol dining table

“[Tablemaker was] fantastic in repairing our split Ercol table…Thank you so much, the repair is undetectable.” – Catherine, Google review

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