Refinishing stained and worn table top

A solid wood dining table that had been brought to the UK by a customer had become quite badly worn over the years and needed refreshing.

The protective finish seemed to have broken down, leaving the top to become faded and damaged by a substantial number of stains.

The top before any work had been done to restore it
The breadboard ends were noticeably longer than the main area, which had shrunk

In addition, natural wood movement had shrunk the width by a few millimetres, leaving the ‘breadboards’ at either end to overhang slightly.

The first procedure was to trim the ends to size. Then the top was sanded thoroughly to remove the old finish and take off the stains. Once it was back to bare wood, we coated it twice in a clear hardwax oil to bring out the richness of the wood and provide very good protection against future surface damage such as spills.

The restored table top, trimmed and refinished

“Thank you so much for the table top, we just attached the table feet. It looks perfect, really great work!” – Customer email

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