Re-sizing Neptune dining table

A Neptune Arundel dining table needed to be re-sized because it was too large for the customer’s space. The original was designed as a 10 seater but they wanted it to be reduced to the dimensions of an 8 seater. The customer asked us to do the re-sizing, having seen previous examples of our furniture remodelling work.

Table top with the side piece glued and clamped back on

Whilst it is a solid wood table, technically the Neptune Arundel is constructed in part by the lamination of smaller pieces of wood that are glued together. This meant that reducing the size was not simply a case of cutting it down, as that would expose the various joins of the lamination.

The Neptune Arundel table re-sized to fit the dining space

In order to preserve the look of the original table we needed to trim the sides and ends and then glue them back on once the body had been made smaller. Groove details also had to be reinstated so the final result looked as close to the original design as possible.

“It’s been such a delight to have more space…Thank you again!” – Customer email

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