Extending dining table with stored leaf

The customers wanted a dining table that would have enough space for four but could be extended to allow for six when they entertained.

The project challenge was to make a compact extendable table small enough to fit in a bay window, while accommodating their existing dining chairs, as well as being sufficiently wide to enable the leaf to be stored on the underside between the legs.

The extending rails were screwed into position using wing bolts that when not in use, were attached to magnets on the underside.

The solution was to make a pair of rails that manually slide out, placed on the outside near the bevelled edge. The leaf would be stored neatly against a strip of wood that reverse matched the bevelled edge, holding it in position with the help of turn buttons that stopped it from dropping down.

Everything about the table was custom, including the height and the angle of the legs, as one of the customers was particularly tall and so needed more leg room that usual.

“It works great…exactly what we wanted. It’s a beautiful table and fits the space nicely.” – Customer email

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