Desktop with custom shape for sit/stand desk

The customer had purchased a sit/stand desk frame but wasn’t happy to use one of the standard MDF/chipboard tops that they are usually supplied with.

Sit stand desks with adjustable height options have become very popular in recent years as awareness has grown of the benefits for back health of time spent standing up.

As well as wanting to upgrade to a more visually pleasing material, he chose to request a soild oak top because it lasts longer, being more hard wearing than a veneer and can easily be refreshed and repaired in the future, unlike laminate.

The other key requirement was a small cut-out in one of the back corners to accommodate a radiator, which was made to the supplied measurements.

The two front corners have a radius and the front edge is slightly eased over for a softer feel.

“All good and looks fantastic! Thank you so much!” – Customer email

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